Are you about to let friends and neighbors know you’re ready to begin babysitting?  Congratulations to you on being so industrious. Maybe you’ve had the opportunity to babysit or serve as a mother’s helper for your siblings, or nieces and nephews. Parents looking to hire a babysitter have expectations that they will be experienced.  In order to begin receiving calls for babysitting jobs, it’s important that several basics are covered. Parents will want to know that you take this seriously and are prepared to take care of their children.

Complete a basic First Aid Course and Babysitting course at your local YMCA or community center. You’ll learn the basics of child care and the steps to take to handle emergencies.  You will receive certifications from each of these courses.  Create a basic flyer outlining your qualifications, experience, availability and contact information. Include references to the certifications you’ve completed. Inform your neighbors and teachers that you’re now available to take on babysitting jobs. Keep a stack of flyers in our backpack to hand out when the opportunity arises. Most of your jobs will be from referrals and through general word of mouth.  Your reputation is what will help with continued bookings.

Prepare your babysitting tote bag with age appropriate items. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a series of Legos to take with you on babysitting jobs. Store these in your babysitting tote bag with other age appropriate toys, games, art & craft supplies as well as books to use during your babysitting jobs. Children are always delighted with new games and toys and will begin to associate your babysitting time with fun and games.

Congratulations on your industriousness and best wishes to you for an exciting journey babysitting!

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