If you’re marketing your brand on Instagram, you might want to avoid committing these mistakes.

Choosing to market your brand on a social media channel such as Instagram is already a good decision. Aside from being a free photo and video sharing mobile app, it has over 500 million users worldwide. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be prone to simple Instagram marketing mistakes.

Your photos and videos are not all that appealing

Instagram’s appeal is the ability to share photos and videos on its platform. What most users fail to understand is that a photo or a video has to be engaging enough to generate views. Bland photos will definitely not catch attention. In addition, long captions are just too tiring to read. Use visually appealing photos with smart captions to leave a lasting impression.

Not keeping your audience fed consistently

Make sure that you consistently update your Instagram account with posts about your brand. Your current followers will appreciate this and you will even be able to acquire new ones. If you don’t have anything new to post, repurpose relevant content from other sources. Just make sure that you give credit where credit is due.

Not posting during peak hours

Most users do not know that there are certain peak hours on Instagram where users are most active. Posting during peak hours will definitely help in reaching more people. Use Iconosquare to analyze user activity and figure out the best times to post on Instagram.

Not driving traffic from your Instagram account to your website

As an online business, you also maintain a website with more information on your products and services and more features for your customers. What most businesses fail to do is promote their website on their Instagram account. Take advantage of potential user traffic and drive it to your website by putting a link to it on your Instagram profile, along with an engaging description, and your posts.

Your posts’ lack a call-to-action

Telling your customers about you and your product on every post and hoping that they visit your website or participate in promos is not the way to do it. Have them click links or do whatever it is you need them to do as obviously as possible. This works best when requesting shares or likes.

Not using the right hashtags

Users who don’t use hashtags miss out on opportunities to reach a wider audience. As hashtags are an easy way to search for related posts, putting one on every post will definitely help. Analyze and choose your hashtags by utilizing service providers such as Hashtracking.

Waiting for followers to come to you

Users don’t normally stumble upon an interesting brand on Instagram. You have to reach out to them. You can organically do this by using the hashtags or you can utilize the services of Instagram marketing service providers such as Vibbi.


Growing your brand on Instagram is not an easy feat. Building your social media presence does not happen overnight either. Nevertheless, staying away from these simple Instagram marketing mistakes will definitely help in starting your campaign.

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