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Business owners and entrepreneurs listen up: the tools you need to succeed

Posted by http://www.geothermalmarkets.com/wp-content/themes/tempo/media/img/default-avatar.png Caroline Ware on

What separates big businesses from their smaller counterparts? Is it simply the capital? It’s leaders? More often than not, it’s the technology used. Startups and smaller enterprises tend to think that they don’t necessarily need the best or the latest technology simply because they’re small.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you have to consistently look at new technology to encourage a workforce that’s more innovative and efficient. Moreover, the rising trend of remote workers led an industry where everything should be on-demand and accessible anytime and anywhere.


Knowing the technology solutions that enable true productivity while staying with the budget is a goal of all SMBs. Here’s how technology can boost your small business’ efficiency:

Simplify invoicing through online systems. If you’re providing invoices for your clients or tracking your businesses’ expenses, utilizing effective systems is crucial. Programs abound on the internet to do this. Most interfaces are very easy to learn and accessible through your computer or mobile device.

Expand your reach via social media. Social media is very effective in building stronger and lasting relationships with customers, while also making a big impact on your prospective clients. You must take time sharing high-value content with your followers that’s related to your business. This will help build trust and position you as a thought leader in your industry.

Utilize calendar system or project management. When you normally manage your appointments and documents for your customers, keeping everything you need planned and unified are vital. Make use of a calendar system, such as the one that you can use with Outlook or Google Apps for Business, or you can even use a project system to get started. See to it that each of your team members use a scheduling app or system too so they can easily access their schedules, client documents, and share updates.

Consider apps and service technologies. Think this through. Will an online scheduling app make things better and simpler for your transportation business? Or could a new software package help the clients you are dealing with? Occasionally look at technologies that can assist you in serving your clients better. These investments have a potential to reap fantastic rewards.

Make your business easier to find via a website. When prospective customers see an easy-to-use, clean, and engaging website, they look at it as mark of excellence and professionalism. A website quickly makes you a leading brand, and when used properly, your best marketing tool as well.

To start off with your online identity, you will need a web host and a domain name. A domain name involves coming up with a name that you will use online e.g. www.ibm.com. You need toper form domain lookup to know if a name you want is available for use and purchase. Providers like Crazy Domains, not only offers domain lookup but also provides web hosting service and a web site creator so you can start quickly with minimal financial burden.

Take note that your domain name is essentially your businesses’ identity online, so make sure that it’s equal parts unique, short, easily remembered, and well reflects your brand and/or business goals.

End Note

Now that you know how technology can boost your small businesses’ efficacy, the obvious step is to apply them as it befits your particular setting. What other benefits from technologies can you think of or are already using in your business? Share it with us!